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Month: January 2011

New Music: Lloyd “Things I Like About You” (Produced by Polow Da Don)

[audio:] Lloyd is currently preparing for the release of his fourth album “King of Hearts” which will release March 15th. Recently, the executive producer of the project Polow Da Don stated “Not only will this be Lloyd’s best album, it’s…

Exclusive: Tweet Reveals Her Top 10 Favorite Songs She’s Recorded to YouKnowIGotSoul

Tweet’s been out since 2002 and has been dropping some serious heat for the past decade. Here is a snapshot of the work she has put out. Despite only releasing 2 albums so far, I can say that Tweet has…

Top 10: Favorite Tweet Songs (Guest Editor)

Here is a list courtesy of one of Tweet’s biggest supporters on twitter MS_TweetPromo 1. Beautiful 2. Smoking Cigg 3. Real Lady 4. Boogie 2nyte 5. Always will 6. Oops 7. Call me 8. Complain 9. YOU 10. Ny dear

Classic Vibe: Total “Sittin Home” (1999)

Man we miss these girls! It was like they were at the height of their careers and then the next day they were gone. Having Pam back after all this time is getting me excited again though!

Editor Pick: Total “Don’t Ever Change”

[audio:] Although they were widely known as the Bad Girls of r&b in the late 90’s, Total showed their softer side on this standout track from their debut album “Total” in 1996.

New Video: Tank “Celebration” featuring Drake (Lyric Video)

“Now or Never” is in stores now. I’ve heard this song will be the next single, so expect a video for it soon!

Classic Vibe: Total Feat. Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown & Da Brat “No One Else” (Puff Daddy Remix) (1996)

Nicci who? Ricky who? Dirty who? Nah this is the real deal: Total, Lil’ Kim, and The Notorious BIG (cameo on the video). In honor to YKIGS’ interview with Pamela Long (from Total), we bring to you the “No One…

YouKnowIGotSoul Interview With Pamela Long (From Total)

When you turn on the radio to urban commercial stations nowadays, what is the majority of the lyrical content really about? Here’s a better question, if you turned on one of those same stations and listened for an hour, how…

Classic Vibe: Omarion “Touch” (2005) (Produced by The Neptunes)

Today’s classic vibe is the second single off Omarion’s debut solo album “O”. The song was produced by The Neptunes, though I think it was just Pharrell on the beat.

Classic Vibe: Beyonce “Me, Myself and I” (2003)

Here is my all time favourite song by Beyonce. It’s probably improbable that she’ll ever do a full R&B again again, but in my opinion, that is where Beyonce really shines vocally.