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Better R&B Group: 112 or Jagged Edge?



Jagged Edge

Which is the better R&B Group?

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Albums: 112 (1996), Room 112 (1998), Part III (2001), Hot & Wet (2003), Pleasure & Pain (2005).

Singles: “Only You,” “Come See Me,” “Cupid,” “Love Me,” “Anywhere,” “Love You Like I Did,” “Your Letter,” “It’s Over Now,” “Peaches & Cream,” “Dance With Me,” “Na Na Na Na,” “Hot & Wet,” “U Already Know,” “Right Here For U,” “What If.”

Jagged Edge

Albums: A Jagged Era (1998), J.E. Heartbreak (2000), Jagged Little Thrill (2001), Hard (2003), Jagged Edge (2006), Baby Makin Project (2007).

Singles: “The Way That You Talk,” “Gotta Be,” “Slow Motion,” “Keys to the Range,” “He Can’t Love You,” “Let’s Get Married,” “Promise,” “Where the Party At?,” “Goodbye,” “I Got It,” “Walked Outta Heaven,” “What it’s Like,” “So Amazing,” “Good Luck Charm,” “Season’s Change,” “Stunnas,” “Put a Little Umph in It.”


  1. I think 112 is way more talented all around (especially vocally), no disrespect to Jagged Edge. 112 is very versatile and all four members can really sing, and you can’t deny Slim’s unusual/unique voice. He sounds like Babyface mixed with El DeBarge which makes them stand out, they can also sing any type of song (old or new school). They remind you of those old school groups back in the day, their first album is one of my all time favorites. Q sounds like Freddy Jackson, Mike sounds like Donnie Hathaway and Daron sounds like a baby Stevie Wonder which makes their blend so perfect & tight. Jagged Edge’s songs sound the same even though the twins can sing but they over do it sometimes, plus Wingo & Kyle can’t stand out like all four members of 112. Plus 112’s acapella game is sick, so speaking as a music head 112 is head above shoulders over Jagged Edge.


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