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New Videos

New Video: Get To Know Tank…The REAL Tank (Webisode 1)

New Album “Now or Never” In Stores and Online November 2nd!

New Video: Nivea “Stronger Than Pride” (Sade Cover)

Not what we were expecting from r&b singer Nivea, but she really brought the soul on this Sade cover!

New Video: R. Kelly "When a Woman Loves"

I’m feelin the song and the video, where did this come from Mr. Kelly! I knew you could sing!!

New Video: Marques Houston "High Notes"

Another new song from his upcoming album “Mattress Music” due in stores September 14th. I really have no idea what to expect on this album as I’m mixed on the songs I’ve heard so far, but I’m hoping for the…

New Video: Ne-Yo “One in a Million” (Produced by Chuck Harmony)

Another new song from his upcoming “Libra Scale” album.

New Video: Lyfe Jennings "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Lyfe’s new album “I Still Believe” will be in stores August 31st.

New Video: Tank "Sex Music"

Tank’s new album, now called “Now or Never,” is scheduled to release on September 21st. I’m expecting big things out of this one coming off of that amazing “Sex, Love & Pain” album.