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Rare Gems

Rare Gem: Next “I Still Love You” (Remix) featuring Big Pun

This may not be the rarest of songs, but it is was only released as a remix on the cd single of “I Still Love You.” This is the first of two collaborations Next and Big Pun would make, they…

Rare Gem: Vanessa Marquez “Day Dreaming” (Produced by The Neptunes)

Vanessa Marquez is a singer who was signed to Star Trak Records back in the early to mid 00’s but never ended up releasing an album. During her career, she sang backup on Neptunes produced tracks by Justin Timberlake (Rock…

Rare Gems: Musiq Soulchild “Aimewitu” & “Rewind”

Here are two rare songs from Musiq Soulchild. “Aimewitu” is a song recorded during the time of his debut album that was released as a bonus track on a foreign release of the album. “Rewind” was a bonus track from…

Rare Gem: Rell “Let Me Show You”

“Let Me Show You” is an unreleased song by Rell that was supposed to be on his debut album “The Remedy” in 2000 but that is also unreleased. This song is pretty good and reminds us a lot of R….