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Is Kelis an R&B Great?

Discography: Kaleidoscope (1999) Wanderland (2001) Tasty (2003) Kelis Was Here (2006) Flesh Tone (2010) [poll id=”9″]

R&B Great

Are Dru Hill R&B Greats?

What do you think? Discography: Dru Hill (1996) Enter the Dru (1998) Dru World Order (2002) InDRUpendence Day (2010) We should mention that this is strictly about Dru Hill as a group. Please do not make a decision based on…

Is Brandy an R&B Great?

Brandy (1994) Never Say Never (1998) Full Moon (2002) Afrodisiac (2004) Human (2008) [poll id=”7″]

R&B Great

Is Tyrese an R&B Great?

Discography Tyrese (1998) 2000 Watts (2001) I Wanna Go There (2002) Alter Ego (2006) [poll id=”6″]

Is Monica an R&B Great?

What do you think? Discography: 1995: Miss Thang 1998: The Boy Is Mine 2003: After the Storm 2006: The Makings of Me 2010: Still Standing [poll id=”5″]

Is Ginuwine an R&B Great?

So even though we saw a couple of no’s for Aaliyah near the end, she ended up prevailing with the majority of people (92%) voting yes. So moving along, the next artist that we will discuss is Ginuwine. Album Discography…