Charlie Wilson “If I Believe” (Charlie’s Journey Video)

In honor of Charlie’s 2014 Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Song with his original record “If I Believe” off his Love, Charlie album, we look back on his journey throughout his life and musical career.


  • syvilla hennings says:

    beautiful music with a message, please keep up with your health and keep making good music. I do believe I you

  • Freddie Batteau says:

    I met you at the Myriad “85 concert” you shook my hand as you got out the limo. I too have turned away from alcohol and drugs, 18yrs clean. Thank You for all you do. One day at a time !!! I Believe!

  • Roland Robertson says:

    Charlie, Charlie, Charlie what can I say, there is no words to describe the way sing.

    • lala says:

      I’m just in love wit u, dats all I can say. Will u marry me. I wanna do” anything” because I believe. Muuah