Coline Creuzot “Acapella Now” (EP)

Singer/songwriter/dancer Coline Creuzot has been releasing mix tapes over the past five years and writing hits for other artists. “I have been waiting for the chance to write songs for my own voice,” says Coline. “It is time to let the world hear them.” Coline is set to release her collection of greatest songs with her first highly anticipated EP. The EP Acapella Now featuring the single “You” is set to release on October 30th via Acapella Now heavily rooted in R&B contains six ballads and mid-tempo songs. Coline hopes the feel good records will inspire and heal others. “Music connects people and I hope it makes somebody’s day better as it does for me,” says Coline. Happy Perez who produced Miguel’s “Sure Thing” produced three songs. Ryan M. Tedder (TrickyBizness Entertainment) who produced for Kandi Burruss and Jordan Knight produced songs on Acapella Now. Ant Bell also produced tracks on the EP. Fans can expect an official video for “You” to be released this fall.

Houston beauty Coline Creuzot with her vivacious voice and decadent harmonies are preparing to cast a spell on the entertainment industry, starting with music. Coline Creuzot’s music is a daring blend of R&B, Soul, and Pop music. Like so many big voices that have come from Texas, Coline is no exception. She has tenacity and the take-charge spirit it takes to be successful in the new school of popular music. With a crisp and clean sound, and a desire to be an individual, Coline is focused on the necessary strides to have longevity and relevance to an ever-evolving music industry.

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