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Event Recap & Photos: Rahsaan Patterson Performs at B.B. King’s in NYC With Monet 6/9/13

Last night in NYC, Rahsaan Patterson performed with opening act Monet at B.B. King’s. Monet took the stage first, and put on a soulful performance with special guest Amma Whatt on background vocals. Showing off her multiple talents by switching between singing and playing the flute, it was obvious that she gained many new fans on this occasion. Rahsaan followed and opened up with songs from his latest album “Bleuphoria” including “Crazy Baby” and “Easier Said Than Done”. After showing his appreciation to his fans for coming out, he let them know that this was a special show and they might not hear what they came out to hear. He then asked how many had been down with him since ’84 (when he starred on Kids Incorperated), then went into a favorite from his debut album “Spend the Night”. What followed next was a medley of songs, a stretch that included “Lovin You Is All I Can Do”, “It’s Alright” and “Friend of Mine”. Rahsaan talked about his early writing and how much of his debut was created while he was 18, a perfect segway into his next song, “Can’t Wait a Minute”. When you come to see a Rahsaan Patterson show, vocally you’re in for a real treat. Tonight he gave his fans something unexpected with album cuts they might not have suspected, but that just added to the fun of the evening.

Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013-1

Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013-2

Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013-3

Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013-4

Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013-5

Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013-6

Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013-7

Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013-8

Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013-10

Rahsaan Patterson BB Kings 2013-11

Monet BB Kings 2013-1

Monet BB Kings 2013-2

Monet BB Kings 2013-3

Monet BB Kings 2013-4

Monet BB Kings 2013-5


  1. This show was fantastic, every note was such a treat. So glad we traveled from Memphis to finally see Rahsaan live.


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