Exclusive: Smoke E. Digglera (of Playa) Talks Favorite Albums With YouKnowIGotSoul

Smokey was kind enough to share this favourite albums with us. Definitely check out the albums if you haven’t listened to them already. Big shout out to one of the visitors of the site Poohbear for recording the video for us.

Follow Smoke E Digglera on twitter @smokedigglera and check out his weekly Smokin’ Sundays event at Jazzy Blu Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky.


  • SPINNER says:

    smoke is cool

  • Aaliyah93089 says:

    Tell them Smoke “Nobody coming with the real like the 90’s.” That’s so true. People talk too much about sex now they forgot about the “REAL” meaning of R&B. It’s more to it than just that.