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Marsha Ambrosius Late Nights and Early Mornings
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Full Stream To Listen to Marsha Ambrosius’ New Album “Late Nights & Early Mornings”

Although Marsha’s solo debut “Late Nights & Early Mornings” is not yet in stores, you can listen here to a full stream of the album. From having a chance to listen to the full album a couple of times through already, I’m willing to bet this will be in the running for r&b album of the year when awards are announced!


  1. not for nothing, this CD is in Heavy Rotation……and i do mean HEAVY…..word, something for the late night oil burners,,,, nah mean…..;)

  2. Yo..I have not stopped playing this CD for the last two days and I’m not likely to stop for a long while. “Late Nights & Early Mornings” is OUT-STAND-ING…On repeat all day…Every song is ON POINT… Girls, ladies ‘This is how u drop it’.

  3. She killed the Album. I absolutely love it. So heart warming and touching and filled with emotion. Keep doing your thing Girl because this is real music. I have to catch her live.

  4. I love this album people need to feel this is real music not just someone sreaming over tracks this child can sing salute her….


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