G. Nax “A Memorable Christmas” (EP)

G. Nax Memorable Christmas

Once again, G.NAX strikes with another compilation of sophisticated R&B. The soulful “A Memorable Christmas” will take you down memory lane as the pair explores musical genres ranging from the 50s to the late 80s.

The 6-track EP captures the essence of the holiday spirit and Gene and Mr. Axnt revive Christmas traditions with songs like “Under The Mistletoe” and “Born For Me”.

While most artists cover traditional Christmas songs, the Atlanta duo chose to craft original material to give us brand new Christmas anthems. “A Memorable Christmas” combines meticulous vocal arrangements and a very precise production of the Motown Era.

“They didn’t want the conventional R&B sound. We sat down and decided to recreate the Motown feel and give the audience Christmas songs with new lyrics ” – producer Renan Calistro explains.

As a Christmas gift, the EP along with the digital booklet are available for free download until Friday, Dec. 6th, 2013. Make sure to add it to your collection of timeless music.