Green Tea “Never be the Blame” (Video)

“Never Be the Blame” by National Recording Artist Green Tea, featuring hip-hop trio Gods’Illa, will inspire you to shed fear, eliminate procrastination and become your dream now. This is the first visual from Green Tea’s most-recent contribution, Dosage III: The Time to B.E. Never Be the Blame was filmed and directed by Humble Monarch.

Most singers recall a love for music at a young age, but Green Tea developed her love before she even entered the world. Her mother recalls her stomach dancing energetically whenever she played music; little did she know a young talent was brewing inside. As a D.C. native, Green Tea stays true to the eclectic style that moves through the city and blends her inspirations of gospel, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, opera, and even rock and roll into her craft.
She has opened for artists such as Slick Rick, Kindred the Family Soul, Dead Prez, Chuck Brown, Fertile Ground and Anthony David and has entertained all over the East Coast, from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, to Pennsylvania. Green Tea’s music touches the soul, while her delivery sets the tone for growth, power, and love. Green Tea believes that music has the power to break the cycle of an impoverished mindset.

When she is not singing, Green Tea Soul promotes healthy living, involving mind, body and soul! The A TIME TO B.E(mpowered) initiative provides a platform to inspire audiences to get up, get moving, and get healthy by maintaining a clear mind, working the body, and nurturing the soul. Green Tea offers speaking engagements in which she “Empowers” all to live healthy and use music and their own voices as a way to “break the cycle of an impoverished mindset.” Green Tea’s latest album, Dosage III: The Time To B.E. is available on iTunes. Learn more at