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Brandy JandR Album Signing 2012
R&B Great

Is Brandy an R&B Great?

Brandy JandR Album Signing 2012-7

Brandy (1994)
Never Say Never (1998)
Full Moon (2002)
Afrodisiac (2004)
Human (2008)

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  1. I voted yes, but some here are some import things to consider:

    1. Chart success – Brandy hasn’t had a massive hit on the radio since her Full Moon album which may out nearly a decade ago. However, the quality of the music hasn’t really dropped off all that much.

    2. Brandy has always worked with big named producers like Darkchild and Timbaland. She’s also had a great supporting cast of writers.

  2. It’s funny how close Monica and Brandy’s careers mirror each other in this sense. She’s definitely got some classic songs under her belt. None of her album’s are masterpieces but they’ve been notably consistent throughout her career, especially in comparison to her peers. Easily one of the better voices of this generation. I don’t know if I can flat-out call her a great but at worst she’s one who is dangerously close.

  3. No way is she a great, not in a million years, she has not released any decent music for almost 10yrs now! She had 2 good albums and only the first was a great album, everything since then is a miss, the lack of chart success backs this up to. Plus she does not have great vocal range either.

    • I disagree with you on this one Tee. I think “Full Moon” and “Afrodisiac” are two of her best albums in my opinion. She hasn’t really had much commercial success with these two albums, but I feel the quality of the music was better than ever. And I agree, she doesn’t have great vocal range, but Brandy was never ever about range. There’s no one in the industry that can do what she’s doing with her harmonies and I think that’s what makes her unique.

  4. Man, I don’t know if I’d list a lot of these folks as greats/legends in the game. I think a lot of us are judging from personal experience in our life, other than the music. 90’s was a great time for music, and more importantly, a great time in our lives if you were in HS or around that age. We had some real great formative life experiences so we revere those soundtracks a bit more than we should. The budding starts to Monica and Brandy’s careers looked better than it turned out to be. I can’t name 6 songs from Monica’s 5 albums and I’d venture to say that most folks that voted yes can’t either.

    The point I’m trying to get at that folks in our late 20’s to late 30’s are lofting around “great” a little too loosely nowadays, imo of course. With parameters, the discussion would seem to be a bit more valid. If we framed the question with “starting in the 90’s” then maybe her rank goes up. But in the grand scheme of music, some of these folks are really just hot moments and forgettable albums.

    Anyway, I’ll shut up and continue to enjoy the series and the discussion, just wanted to drop off my 2 cent.

    • *comment was originally made for Monica’s post – I copied and pasted my comment because it wouldn’t post there”

      I dig Brandy a LOT more than Monica personally and think she is a great.

  5. someone said she had two good albums..people toon in a little harder..brandy is the best singer in R&B HANDS DOWN!!!!! FUCK HITS SHES THE TRUTH VOCALLY AND AINT NOBODY TOUCHING HER…The fiirst two were nice but FULL MOON is One of the GREATEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME


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