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R&B Great

Is Donell Jones an R&B Great?

Donell Jones Central Park Summerstage 2013-4

What do you think?

1996 My Heart
1999 Where I Wanna Be
2002 Life Goes On
2006 Journey of a Gemini
2009 The Lost Files
2010 Lyrics

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  1. yes….because you can post the album cover on IG and mad people understand completely and feel the same vibes. his music is truly classic in the world of 90s rnb.

  2. Donnell is the Master of R&B, what a absolute legend a pure ladys man with endless lyrics that are so deep they just express all my Emotions. Donell Jones life without you would be so miserable your songs are truly amazing. Keep smashing it up Brotha!!!!!!!!

  3. superb artistry…still, i don’t think he’s found his ‘true north’ yet. if Donnell doesn’t achieve greatness, it won’t be for lack of talent-…”say what, say what”


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