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Ginuwine Live BB Kings Jul 2012
R&B Great

Is Ginuwine an R&B Great?

So even though we saw a couple of no’s for Aaliyah near the end, she ended up prevailing with the majority of people (92%) voting yes.

So moving along, the next artist that we will discuss is Ginuwine.

Ginuwine Westchester County Center 2014-7

Album Discography
1996 Ginuwine…the Bachelor
1999 100% Ginuwine
2001 The Life
2003 The Senior
2005 Back II Da Basics
2009 A Man’s Thoughts
2011 Elgin

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  1. I think after he stopped messin with Stephen “static/major” Garrett , the man who Hand fed him PONY, and pleanty more , He fell off in my Eye , and put occasionally out out a banga , He is a G , But the G doesnt stand for GREAT today.

  2. It’s hard to say. He does have two of the better albums of a particular era with “The Bachelor” and “100% Ginuwine.” After those, he’s had songs here and there but never given another truly great full-length, at least in my eyes. Still, I think his first one is a classic R&B album, and how many people EVER drop a classic, especially these days? Yes, I’ll put my boy G on the great side!

  3. In my Opinion the Life was also a Great Album, so hes had 3 great albums, two good albums, and two ok albums..a Great if u ask me.

  4. G had some HUGE hits, hard to keep that up, but he’s also put out some good music that didn’t blow up on the radio. Dude make some pretty good albums in general, but I don’t think he’s even regarded enough to call him slept on. He’s one of those artists that I’d say has had a “solid” career. Great, nah, not in my opinion. Good/Very Good, I’d say yep.


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