• Saule Wright says:

    I’m looking at some of these voting results and outcomes and I’m wondering what makes them “greats” or not. Is it just because we like a lot of their music? Does commercial success come into play at all? Is there any relevance to the amount of Billboard hits? I’m curious to see what folks are using as criteria and definition for that matter. Is “great” the same as “legend?”

  • Buddha says:

    Honestly, we never set out a requirement for someone to be considered “great”. We felt it would be more appropiate if we left it up to the reader’s interpretation. However, I think all the things you mentioned do factor into my personal decision. For me, it’s all about longetivity and if an artist’s music can stand the test of time.

    • Saule Wright says:

      Oh yeah, I hear you Buddha, that’s what I meant, for other folks to do like you did and say what they were using for their decision. I think a lot of acts like Musiq, who is a personal favorite, won’t be one of those artists that the next generation talks about like we still do Donny, Marvin, or Luther. He does make good songs, and some of my personal faves, but being objective, I don’t know if he would be a great. (using him as just an example)

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