Is Tyrese an R&B Great?

Tyrese (1998)
2000 Watts (2001)
I Wanna Go There (2002)
Alter Ego (2006)

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  • jOSHiEOWASHiE says:

    VOTERS ARE CRAZY! Tyrese can sing better than half the singers out there now and before! come on now

  • Bravery says:

    No doubt Tyrese can sing, but you shouldn’t throw the term great so freely. An all time great he is not.

  • dawb86 says:

    He probably could be if that was even his main focus. His output isn’t strong enough, and he’s had some good albums and singles but I don’t know if he ever had one I’d call a classic. Nah, I’d say Tyrese is one who gets the potential tag more than anything.

  • Tee says:

    Fantastic voice and some good singles, but overall, not enough output or concentration on singing career to be called a Great, and thats even amongst his own generation. Sad because his voice is far better than most out there right now.