Lonny Bereal Announces the Launch of “Angry Boys Club” Clothing Line with Natasha Marc

Angry Boys Club

You may have recently seen one of your favorite celebrities wearing the gear and like many, have wondered, “What is Angry Boy?” “Who is Angry Boy?” Angry Boys Club™ is a new clothing line, created by Natasha Marc and Joseph “Lonny” Bereal. The line is quickly making waves in the fashion world, as its connotations are controversial and expressive thoughts of a broken heart or bruised ego.

Angry Boys Club™ is designed for the fashion forward individual and for individuals who want simple yet communicative pieces. The collection is currently on sale and can be found via their online store www.angryboysclub.com. There are plans to release additional collections in the coming months.

Each piece has a different feel to it, but the message stays the same. Angry Boys Club™ expresses it…so you don’t have to. The duo hopes to continue to build their brand based on this principal.

For more information and to check out pieces from the Angry Boys Club™ line, please visit www.angryboysclub.com.