Mizan “No Fool” (Video)

Groundbreaking singer/songwriter Mizan releases the official music video “No Fool” now companioned with the song available on iTunes here from her highly anticipated forthcoming project “The Dark Blue EP.”

Mizan’s “No Fool,” a refined, elegant and compelling musical memoir inspired by negative relationships, the singer eloquently displays an unvarnished ode’ to the girl who chooses to say no to vulnerability and heartbreak. Translated in visual form, the singer/songwriter displays her honest truth expressively through her piercingly beautiful vocals and the smooth finger taps on grand piano keys filmed on 16-MM.

“No Fool was a combination of both real and imagined feelings of what it’s like to be stuck in a unhealthy and hurtful relationship,” says Mizan. “How do you know when to walk away? Basically my declaration writing this song was that I don’t want to be that girl. The one that keeps going back to a person that treats her badly, loses sight of reality and is, at the end of it all, a fool for doing so.”

Embarking on debuting her “Dark Blue EP,” Mizan poises to please new listeners with penned musical stories of pain and self-actualization. Titling her EP after the melancholy color of Blue, the musical connoisseur displays a selection of songs exuding raw yet harmonious and delicate feelings intertwined with enchanting melodies much like the celebrated hue.

“Dark Blue, I feel is the most ethereal of colors and one that best represent the essence of my music. I would say the EP is very bluesy, although I don’t like genres, it is certainly the governing theme amongst most of my songs.”