New Artist Spotlight: Raven “Closer”

Raven Closer

Tenacious, determined, and oh-so-fly, *RaVen *is Chicago’s sweetest songbird. Since hitting the city’s music scene, her sweet soulful music has continually reached listeners who feel the veracity in her lyrics, the energy in her melodies, and the emotion in her voice. RaVen’s innate skill became apparent to her family at an extremely young age. Her mother, a singer herself, noticed RaVen’s raw talent at age four and by seven, decided that her daughter was ready for the stage. RaVen then made her debut as the youngest performer at a DuSable Museum talent show, wetting her appetite for entertaining the masses.

With her career skyrocketing, RaVen knows that her flight is purpose-driven. “God placed a love for music in my soul,” says RaVen. “And I always knew that was what I wanted to do.”

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