dondria vs. phatfffat

New Joint: Dondria "Makin Love"


Here’s something new from Dondria that will appear on her upcoming album “Dondria Vs Phatfffat” due in stores August 17th. The song was produced by Jermaine Dupri, and just like most of the songs I’ve heard from her, I’m feelin it. I like what they are doing with this project, and I’m anticipating hearing the full album in a couple of weeks!

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  • SG says:

    This song is tight!!….I really like the sample thou LOL!!…I love at the end my dude Harold Melvin goes "..How’s my little son?
    Hmm, he ever ask about me? Just a little bit??
    does he still like to go down by the Supermarket? If I could just, If I could just see you. Can’t really say what you mean or what you want over the phone I swear I miss you. You done heard it ten times or more but
    I swear I done changed!!"

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