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Ginuwine Live BB Kings Jul 2012
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New Music: Ginuwine “Hate To Love” (Produced by Timbaland)

Ginuwine BB Kings 2012-7

We saw the reunion of Ginuwine and Timbaland in 2009 with the song “Get Invoved”, but that wasn’t the only song they worked on during those studio sessions. Here is a song that unfortunately did not make the cut for Ginuwine’s “A Man’s Thoughts” album. The song currently remains unreleased.


  1. Defiantly better thank Get involved, but he also did another track Called Lap Dance where is That one hiding? i think they are the best combination Timbaland Ginuwine Static out of the whole Basement Crew. i wanna hear the Bachelor & 100% Tracks that didn’t make the album (those interludes) especially the first single for 100% that don’t know what happened to it (forgot the name of it).

    anyway hook us up with the full version of Hate to Love ya

    • I don’t think “Lap Dance” actually exists. It was never confirmed anywhere and the only time I saw of that title was on Ginuwine’s wikipedia page. I’ll keep you posted if anything pops up though. I agree though, I wanna hear some more songs from G’s first two albums.


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