New Music: Maurice “No Words” X “Wxcked Girls” X “Showdown” (Part 1)

YKIGS August 30, 2014 0

Maurice No Words

Over the last four months has been busy performing across Ontario and NYC, headlining Six Flags Great America in Chicago, engaging in intimate Television performances and has entertained several radio interviews that have all introduced a very unique and supportive fan base to ‘s brand.

With finally some time to “breathe” in-between sessions with Grammy Award Winning producers from as far as Germany and Atlanta, connected with Noisey Music to release 3 new songs that were entirely constructed lyrically & production-wise by the up-and-coming artist.

“I look at myself as a very well-rounded artist and I don’t want to define myself as just a singer/songwriter. I feel I’m more of a creator. I compose all my music, I construct my melodies, I sit in my production chair and develop my own sound and then I get behind the mic and perform. I also do all my mixing, mastering & graphic design. I really get to be the Michelangelo behind my work and it’s liberating to use this platform to express all of the creativity that’s within me.” –

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