New Video: Jon B. "Body Language"

Although I’ve only heard a handful of songs recorded for the new album, this so far has been my favorite and feel it’s a great choice for the first single. The video is cool, crazy how he had the instruments painted on the women in the video!!


  • Within Essence Productions says:

    Totally agree! Love seeing this side of him. Uplifted and rejuvenated; He definitely still has it and I'm glad he tuned into something "more comfortable" to showcase his creativity.

  • Anonymous says:

    It feels like he's going through a new 'movement' with his new material and I am not feelin it. His last album (Helpless Romantic) is the only album from him that I felt the urge to press 'next' and cannot play the whole album through. Judging from his new material I've heard so far, it definitely seems like it may be the case again. Still have a great deal of respect for his music…but new tracks I've heard (Confident, Come Entertain Me, Fill Ur Cup, After The Party, and Body Language) all seem 'amateur-ish' compared to what I'm used to hearing from him.

  • DJ Slam says:

    Anonymous, I just feel like at this point in his career, he is going through growth and trying new things. "After the Party" is still the same solid r&b we are used to, but he's also trying new sounds. I think at this point in his career he's earned the right to do that since he for the most part writes and produces all of his own music. However, from a fan's perspective, I can see where you are coming from and you make very fair points.

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually like the new material i've heard from him, and I agree with Slam, this was a great choice for a single. And, After The Party has been getting a lot of play from me.


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