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static major suppertime
New Music

New Music: Static Major "Infatuated"

[audio:] Another Static song that has been around for awhile, but I’m just going to continue to share as many songs of his as I can so everyone can see his talent. See if you can name all of the…

fugees ready or not
Classic Vibes

Classic Vibe: The Fugees "Ready or Not" (1996)

Another group that you have to wonder what could have been if they avoided internal issues. After releasing “The Score” in 1996 and achieving worldwide album sales of over 18 million, the group pretty much went extinct. Maybe Lauryn Hill…

Alicia Keys Element of Freedom
New Music

New R&B: Alicia Keys "Almost There" & "Lover Man"

[audio:] [audio:] These two tracks are exclusive unreleased songs that will be included on the “Empire Edition” of Alicia’s upcoming album. Also included on that edition will be some live performances of her biggest hits. The strange part is, I’ve…

New Videos

New Video: Joe "I Can’t Get Over You" New video from Joe for “I Can’t Get Over You” which is a cover of the classic Maze featuring Frankie Beverly song. This cut is from the “Silky Soul Music” tribute album that was released a few months back,…

imx stay the night
Classic Vibes

Classic Vibe: IMx "Stay the Night" (1999)

“Stay the Night” was the only single released from IMx’s (formerly Immature) fifth album “Introducing IMx.” These were the days when Marques Houston went by the nickname “Batman,” and you could see in the video he’s wearing the Batman mask….

Alicia Keys Element of Freedom
New Music

New R&B: Alicia Keys "Stolen Moments"

[audio:] Another bonus track from the “Element of Freedom” has leaked. I can’t tell who the male is that is singing backup, but I’m feeling this soulful tune. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, I wrote a…