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Pz3 “Ur The One”



Phaze3 is an R&B group from Long Island, New York. The group was founded in 2007 and consists of three young men Anthony “ATL” Lawrence (21) is the natural leader who also writes most of the group’s songs. jason hightower (22) is the charismatic bad boy of Phaze3. Shelton “Shelton J” Johnson (19), whose powerful voice and undeniable talent on the piano completes this trio. All three members of the group grew up in Wyandanch, NY. Wyandanch statistically holds one of the worst crime rates as well as the lowest high school graduation rates on Long Island. Surrounded by trouble, the Guys could have been a product of their environment. However, due to a strong family upbringing and support combined with a talent and passion for music, the group was able to rise above the influence of their surroundings. Originally the purpose of the group was to help the boys stay out of trouble. However, the group was inspired by gifted Artists such as Trey Songz, Brian McKnight, Tank, and R.Kelly and they began to envision themselves in the music industry. The group first began to sing over Nextel “walkie talkie” conversations with teenage females in the area. The group decided to take their vision to the next level after the community began to recognize their talent. Their first performance was at the home of Def Jam Producer Eric Serman. Phaze3 began making a name for themselves after competing in local talent shows and open mic nights. The group has been invited to various radio stations and local cable shows as well as accepting invitations to open up for the famous Rap Artist Chuck D of Public Enemy,R&B Legend Howard Hewit,Trey Songz, Memphis bleek, Lil’mo and more. The Group has been Mentored By Grammy Award winning producers Troy Taylor who has worked with Carl Thomas, Trey Songz, Sammie, Johnny gill and more. Phaze3 has been hard at work recording and developing a stage show. Recently Phaze3 opened up for Memphis Bleek and Trey Songz. They have been compared to groups such as 112, Jodeci, Jagged Edge, and Dru Hill. Their music tells the stories of their lives, relationships, and their environment, allowing today’s society to relate to their songs. Phaze3 will continue to work hard towards their dreams and inspire others to work hard towards their goals.


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