Russell Taylor’s New Album “War of Hearts” to Release June 24th

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Russell Taylor War of Hearts

Pop-Soul Crooner and VH1’s latest “You Oughta Know Artist”, announces the release of his upcoming third album, “War of Hearts”.  #WOH will be released on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, via all digital music retail outlets. 
“On this journey, I have had some really tough lessons about the variable definition of friendship and family, recovering from broken promises, the importance of accepting imperfections and the truth about love & its bipolar tendencies,” mentions Russell.  

“Little did I know that I was also setting out to find myself; a self that I never knew needed to be found.   All of my life I have followed a perceived blueprint to success: go to school, get good grades, go to church, get a job(s) make some money and be a good man.  Follow this path and it will yield you happiness abound.  That is my ideal heart.  But, unfortunately, the same paradigm doesn’t apply to a successful life in the creative arts.  There is no blueprint–no real plan.  In my creative path, I am selfish, I am hotheaded, my life is unpredictable & my love is jagged & irrational. This is my artist heart; authentically imperfect”, he adds. 

“I have been at war with myself for so long but didn’t know it.  And realistically, this war will probably never end.  But at least now I can acknowledge that it exists.  Knowing is half the battle.  You, I, we saved me…in this War of Hearts,” concludes Russell. 
WAR OF HEARTS Album Tracklisting:
1.    Electric
2.    Let Me Love You
3.    What She Wants
4.    War of Hearts
5.    Blueprint
6.    Foolish Heart
7.    Proud
8.    Carry You
9.    Can’t Cry
10.  Ghetto Street USA
11.  Hope
Russell Taylor is currently enjoying the success of the smash debut single “War of Hearts” and the follow up second single, “Electric”.  Being named one of VH1’s 2014 YOU OUGHTA KNOW ARTIST, Russell Taylor joins the likes of Adele, Bruno Mars, Lorde’ and many more. 

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