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Dustin Michael

Former R&B Group B5 Lead Singer Dustin Michael Releases Debut EP “Different”

A few weeks after releasing the video for “Pay it Forward”, former B5 lead singer Dustin Michael gives us his debut EP called “Different”. The project serves to re-introduce the singer to r&b fans as he emerges in the next…

New Video: Former B5 Lead Singer Dustin Michael Releases “Pay it Forward”

Former r&b group B5 lead singer Brandon Michael releases his debut music video for “Pay it Forward”. After having much success with the boy group at Bad Boy under Diddy, the group eventually decided to go their separate ways. As…

Former R&B Group B5 Member Dustin Michael Releases Debut Single “Pay it Forward”

Following the breakup of r&b group B5 last year, Dustin Michael releases his debut single “Pay it Forward” as he moves on with his independent solo career. He’s also readying a new EP entitled “Ocean Drive” which should release soon….