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Upcoming Artist Spotlight: B.Swails “Why I Love You”

With television, radio, and even the internet influencing people it’s never been more imperative to recognize what matters most; a message. A message that singer/ songwriter B. Swails hopes to lay on the hearts and ears of his listeners. This Urban Soul Crooner is vowing to bring a refreshing sound back to music. “I don’t wanna be placed in one specific category, ya dig. I feel like music is bigger than that. Just do what you feel…besides it makes for better music anyway!”, says B Swails. Born and raised in Harlem, NY B. began to develop his unique sound at the age of five. He would keep near to the radio and imitate the voices of Anita Baker, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and many more. He continuously strives to be sincere when composing lyrics so he can always create exceptional music. On a regular basis, he can be found sitting quietly penning lyrics and singing melodies. An R&B listener should be thankful for the change that B. Swails will forever induct into music.

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  1. R&B definitely needs to return to its roots where emotion could be felt in the music. B. Swails could definitely be one of those artists to help initiate that change.

  2. It’s about time people get familiar with B.Swails..he’s been grinding for a min and everything I’ve heard has been a hit! Stay tuned this is just the beginning from this guy!

  3. This song is great…. Lyrics, Music and of course the voice. This is classic R&B and I hope you keep the good music coming ….

  4. B. Swails has a formula that could potentially bring R&B back. The honesty in his music awakens hearts to believe in love again. I love this song.

  5. I just wanna know when is the CD dropping? Just checked out Sex Unity and Bad remix on sound cloud and they are both really good!! You have a great voice, going make somebody FALL IN LOVE!! lol


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