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Upcoming Artist Spotlight: Jamison “Get It Right”

IF DWELE & ERIC ROBERSON WERE SIBLINGS then this industry new comer, musician, songwriter, soul singer would have to be their little brother that’s very intrigued by the introduction of neo-soul and alternative soul in which his brothers do so well. But the reality of it is the r&b/soul artist “JAMISON” don’t exactly have that type of family background. The 24 year old TJMG/Island/DefJam supported artist is a Motown representative even though he was born in Charleston, S.C. to two gospel singers.

Jamison’s mother travelled & sung background for some of gospels greatest such as Pastor. Shirley Ceasar, Bill Moss, & Dorthy Norwood to name a few. Now Jamison’s father is one of the members of the Quartet gospel trailblazers better known as the “CBS Trumpeteers” (One of the 1st Quartet gospel acts to be signed to a major record deal with CBS). So to say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is an understatement.

Armed with the knowledge gained from one failed major recording contract due to unstable management the Detroit native has grown to the wise releasing his first single in December 2010 titled “Get it right” which focus on the short comings of relationship building to his summer 2011 release “Voicemail” to energize the public for an exceptional body of work titled “Music, Shades & tea…” due out winter 2011. Jamison is working with the lights of great established producers, songwriters and even musicians and needless to say amazing features! To bring you a project that will equal to his style, REAL.


  1. Jamison you’re doin ur thang. Im so proud of you. Im so lovin your singles. Keep’em comin!!! I love being apart of the team. #TEAMJMOVEMENT!!!

  2. ~ Very happy to see the video for ‘Get It Right’. I absolutely loved the track when I first heard it…Looking forward to Jamison’s upcoming project. His hardwork, dedication and patience will pay off!! #Get.It.Right! ~

    • There is always a hater somewhere when someone is accomplishing anything good or in this case great! Thanks “Anonymous”. Jamison keep doing it! The world is listening!!!!


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