Upcoming Artist Spotlight: Londyn Lyna “Thrill of the Chase”


Londyn Lynà began singing her heart out at the mere age 7. At age 9 she began mastering the skill of playing the piano and actually write her own lyrics and poetry, thus making herself a well rounded musician by the age of 12. She remained a well balanced music life. “I’ve always said that music is a language we all can understand,” states Londyn.

Londyn began competing and receiving superior ratings in various piano competitions around her state of Mississippi. From 2001-2003, she participated in Jackson State University’s musical workshop and had the honor of having lead solos both years. She also attended the Pre- college program at Carnegie Mellon University as a Piano Major and singer. Londyn has won several awards in recognition of her musical talents; because of this she has been invited to judge many musical productions in her music career. At Fayette County High School , Londyn was inspired to establish the New Voices of Praise Gospel choir with two good friends, Khristina Skeete and Amanda Golden. Upon graduating, she didn’t skip a beat before joining Vineyard of Praise Choir at Georgia State University where she toured several states as well as produced the spring 2007 concert called “The Grand Finale”. In 2009, Londyn was asked to be the musical producer for a Black History production at GSU entitled “Words Like Freedom.”

Some, but certainly not all, of the infamous open mic spots around the Atlanta area have been consecrated with the musical stylings of Londyn. During this time she also created a band by the name of Vibe Essence and her very own music school in 2008 called The Music School of Essence. Londyn Lynà has started working with ShiiMac Production on her future Grammys® hit “Love Me Back.”