• AzzIzz says:

    this is hard choice! I love them all, they are unique and one of the kind… but my vote goes for ‘Aaliyah’.

  • Mabs says:

    It’s gotta be Aaliyah. Aaliyah is Aaliyah’s best work. It’s her version of “Music of My Mind*” and “Control”–an important catalyst to what could have been an exciting transformation. Musically, it features some of her best songs “Rock the boat”, “I Care 4 U” etc. The production is top class, the songwriting is great and her singing is mature and appropriate. She never over-sings. Musically and conceptually, it’s a strong record. However, beyond what made Aaliyah a fantastic album are the implications of the record. It’s significant that Timbo only has 4 tracks on it because Aaliyah needed to prove that she was mature enough to carry a record. Aaliyah not only delivers on that promise but Aaliyah establishes Aaliyah as a one of the most important artists of her generation.

    Think about it. What other popular vocalist had(has) the sophistication and class to sell sincerity without histrionics? What other artist could (can) seem simultaneously appear apathetic yet compassionate at the same time? What other female artist was (is) full of more contradictions than Aaliyah? Who was more fearless than Aaliyah? What other artist had (has) the type of artistic control that Aaliyah had at 22? This is woman who basically did whatever the hell she wanted to do since the age of 15. Everything from her style, her singing, the musical choices and her overall image wasn’t studio manufactured but self-made. People take for granted Aaliyah’s autonomy as an artist especially as a young Black female artist. Nobody in Urban music then and even now, had (has) the proverbial balls to take the type of risks she was more than willing to take. It’s conventional for an “Urban” artist to collaborate with rockers of Aerosmith, Coldplay and Fallout boy mold-even Linkin Park makes sense but collaborating with a Nine Inch Nails or a Korn is damn near absurdity and musical suicide on the R&B side of things yet Aaliyah was willing to do this. All of these considerations make Aaliyah’s lost more tragic because as the Aaliyah album suggests, when that Cessana went down almost 10 years ago, the world didn’t just lose a beautiful young talent but an innovator who challenged expectations of Black female artists while redefining them at the same time.

    *”Music of my Mind” is the catalyst to Stevie Wonder’s triumvirate of classic albums: “Talking Book”, “Innervisions” and “Songs in the Key of Life”. It’s the album that established Stevie as an artist and interestingly enough, he dropped this classic when he was 22.

  • Rebecca says:

    my vote defiantly has to be one in a million. Whilst aaliyah is an AMAZING album, this is the album which changed the game of r&b, and made timbaland and missy ellliot household names. I just wish it was more well known, every single song on that album could of been a single.

  • Amber says:

    I love them all! If I could pick one it would be AALIYAH album because she was working very hard on that album for her Fans and she was becoming a woman.

  • dawb86 says:

    The “Aaliyah” album was her most accomplished and progressive work and I consider that to be her best but just in terms of nostalgia I’d probably give it to the “One In a Million” album. Not only did she show growth as a performer on that one but it also helped introduce us to Missy and Timbo and to a degree that whole Bassment sound they were working on with DeVante and the rest of their crew back in the 90s. I still play that album more than any female R&B singer’s that’s dropped post-2000, which is saying something because I’m a serious music fan in general.

  • John says:

    It has to be “One in A Million”, wow I remember the first time I put this disk into my CD player and pressed play at the age of 16. Man!! I was in love with baby girl her style and just what an all around insperation she was to young people everywhere. Plus, this was Missy and Timbaland untouched so they came out with all guns blazing. Not worrying about radio play, all they were focused on is creating something new and… Wow did we get something new!! I remember also during the time that Timbaland frist laid the double time Every producer and their momma was copying that style loooool. Tim, Missy, and Aaliyah were so ahead of their time. I say “One in a Million” because it literally changed the sound of R&B!!

  • John says:

    Plus I remember one thing that Aaliyah did in her video’s that showed me that she was truly in tuned to what young people were doing even though she was a huge star. If you take a look at the “One in a Million” video when she walks up to Ginuwine @ 2:46 and does the 2 smooches, two clicks of the tongue and a hiss. I was like Oh my God, Girls did that ALLL the time when they saw some boy that was a cutie looool. I was like, Aaliyah was definitely down and kept her ear to what was going on in the young world. I respected her so much because even though she was a big star she was just still normal.

  • John says:

    Okay, just one last thing about the “One in A Million” album. The thing that touched me and hit me the hardest about this album is that she actually made and took time out to make a song to thank the fans on the “Outro” of the album. I was like come on, like who does that?? Most artist take their fans for granted but she actually took time out to give a shout out to all her fans. That was like, Ooooh gosh!! Thank you Aaliyah for that.

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