• R&B says:

    I actually enjoy all of his albums..well the Senior really wasnt good at all, it had like 3 4 good songs, but anyways his best work in my opinion was 100% Ginuwine. Timbalands unique beats and G’s smooth vocals mesh so well together on this one, and even songs like All Nite All Day and the cover of MJ’s “Shes Out Of My Life” which where not Timbaland produced where great songs. This album really had no filler songs and it was good from beginning to end. I still listen to it till this day and it still doesnt sound dated.

  • AzzIzz says:

    again hard choice… it’s between ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘100% Ginuwine’, both are great.

  • mabs says:

    One song: “So Anxious” lol It’s epitomizes the best G/Timbo records. Dude basically growls on the record. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable album.

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