Are Dru Hill R&B Greats?

Dru Hill Jazz Sisqo Tao Nokio Live BB Kings Sep 2015

What do you think?

Dru Hill (1996)
Enter the Dru (1998)
Dru World Order (2002)
InDRUpendence Day (2010)

We should mention that this is strictly about Dru Hill as a group. Please do not make a decision based on Sisqo’s solo work.

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  • SPINNER says:


  • Slam says:

    Well in my opinion, their first album was a classic, their second album was solid, their third album was hit or miss and their fourth album was their worst. So I’d say a group who only had a classic and a solid album should not be considered “great”. Compared to other groups like Jagged Edge, Jodeci and 112 of the 90’s, I think they trail in comparison.

  • Roderick says:

    Their first album was solid. But NO, they’re not ‘pioneers’, ‘legends’ or whatever…reason being that they really ain’t did anything innovative to where they had other groups emulating them, or had a significant impact beyond having some good album sales and radio spins in the early part of their career. They just tried following the Jodeci blueprint. But Sisqo aint K-Ci and Nokio sure as hell ain’t Devante

    • Slam says:

      Can’t argue with this. I would give them credit for putting out solid r&b over the years, they’ve been one of the best groups.

  • I dont think they’re legends but at the same time they made 90’s R&B along with 112 and Jagged Edge. Their music off the first two albums are classics in my opinion yes their 3rd and 4th projects weren’t as good as the first two but the times have changed since then.

  • sevin wils says:

    Dru hill along with Jodeci IS THE BEST GROUP OF ALL TIME..say what u want. The first album was them on the Rise..ENter the dru was pandamonium..are u guys trippin id be here all day talkin bout their hits!! smh

    • Slam says:

      Best group of all time? Lol! Not even looking prior to the 90’s, you realize Boyz II Men has been the most successful r&b group ever BY FAR?

  • B says:

    Jodeci is the best in my opinion, even though Boyz II Men are more successful. Jodeci’s style was better. I mean they were so gangsta and were R&B artists and that was new – I think. They probably influenced so many other groups. But on the topic yeah I think they’re great, but not quiet up there with 112, Jodeci and Boyz II Men. Also don’t laugh but I think Destiny’s Child are up at the top too – most of you will disagree but that’s just my opinion :)

    • Slam says:

      That’s a very fair opinion. In fact Jodeci were the blueprint for a lot of groups that came after them. As for Destiny’s Child, I’m not sure I would classify them as r&b lol.