DeAndre Wright “Love Thing”

In a lane of her own, DeAndre Wright creates sonic expressions from the heart.

This native Texan has taken the unconventional route to stardom, “It hasn’t been easy but I’ve never wanted it to be. I’ve wanted to learn and grow, you know… really educate myself in the art of music and business.” Penning her way through different productions, Wright has worked with an eclectic group of producers ranging from the up and coming to the Grammy Award winning. “I love building work with different producers because I can feed off of their energy and always create something different. I don’t really like to repeat myself.”

“Souful, quirky, fresh, vibrant” are words that have been used to describe this unique songstress. Creating a live experience, Wright describes her performances as “liberating” and her voice has been defined as simply “beautiful” by fans. “I have been on a quest in search of freedom; when I perform I move where the music takes me. Each song is a different level and I want people connect with me at each point. Also it’s very important for me to maintain vocal integrity, I take that part of the performance very serious.”

With influences like Madonna, Michael & Janet Jackson, Janelle Monae, Prince, Kanye West, and Earth Wind & Fire, Wright is not to be considered the “typical pop tart.” DeAndre boasts depth and originality in every banging beat and melodic lyric. Wright’s formal training in creative writing and the arts has influenced the diversity of her writing and created a discriminating musical ear to match. “I love music so much. I listened to the best vocalists, the most notable songwriters & producers and then I’ve paid attention to those forward thinking independent artists. I pull inspiration from all over the place!”

Wright’s charismatic charm, cheerful disposition, and powerful stage presence is sure to win over music fans and industry vets alike. Experiencing DeAndre Wright is like an invigorating bolt of lightning to the heart. Wright promises to electrify stages, radio airwaves, and fans for years to come.