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Editor Pick: Jodeci “Pump It Back”


The line “Pump me while I pump you” is still one of the most questionable lines in R&B history. Can someone explain the line to us? In all of seriousness though, one thing I admire about Jodeci’s last album is that it’s been out for over 15 years yet the production doesn’t sound dated at all.


  • Jazz Digga says:

    This joint was 1 of my faves on this album…da line says, “Baby, pump me while I pump you…”. It’s pretty self-explanatory 2 me, they’re askin’ da girl 2 move WITH them during sex. Don’t just lay there & let ME do all da work…”Pump It Back”!!! ‘Nuff said!!

  • dawb86 says:

    U hear people use the phrase “it could be released today and still be a hit” all the time, but Jodeci is one of the acts with songs that are legitimately in that mold. “Feenin'” is definitely one of those tracks, and songs like this and “Time and Place” still sound further ahead progressively than the majority of songs on the radio today.