Kelis Kaleidescope Album Cover

Is Kelis an R&B Great?

Kelis Kaleidescope Album Cover

Kaleidoscope (1999)
Wanderland (2001)
Tasty (2003)
Kelis Was Here (2006)
Flesh Tone (2010)

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  • dawb86 says:

    I think I’d call her underrated before great.

  • Slam says:

    One thing I will say about Kelis is along with the the help of the Neptunes, she helped to usher in a new sound in r&b and music in general what became known as the “Neptunes sound”. Her debut album “Kaleidoscope” brought us a sound like nothing we had ever heard at the time and was unique in its own right.

    Now, I’m not saying that makes someone a great, but it sure started a cultural phenomenon in music that has carried even in this decade.

  • Bravery says:

    Hell no

  • Michelle says:

    Kelis? An R&B Okay but not a great. Jennifer Hudson is an R&B great.

    • Slam says:

      Just out of curiosity, how would you consider Jennifer Hudson an R&B great? She has basically accomplished very little so far in her career.

      • giftandcurse says:

        I’d have to agree with Slam on this one. I cannot even name a song from her other than “No Air”, which is a duet with Chris Brown. Jennifer Hudson can sing, no doubt about that but she lacks in every other department as an artist. Basically, she is like most people on radio today…she is just a product. She can sing but the music is given to her. It is written for her. She is told how to sing it. She is a ‘product’ that is not going to be remembered as a ‘great’.