Mark B. “Waterfall”

Mark B Waterfall

Staten Island’s own, R&B artist, Mark B. released his first single Waterfall (Produced by Hazali of FortheLovers Music) off of his debut EP Euphoria on Black Friday, November 29. Mark B. has performed this song at several shows and has been receiving great feedback especially from the ladies. This single is very sensual and brings back the true essence of R&B music. “Waterfall sets the tone and mood of how the bedroom should feel,” said Mark B.

Mark B. started his music journey after attending an Usher concert and was amazed by Usher’s stage presence and performance. Throughout his journey, he had the opportunity to write songs for various artists. Also, he opened up for Bobby Valentino, The Clipse, and Cassidy. Now, he is ready to showcase to everyone his own music and share his personal experience with his fans and potential fans through his debut EP Euphoria. “This project is full of baby making music. The people can expect Euphoria to make them feel something. All of my music comes from a real place of passion,” said Mark B. Euphoria is set to be released on Valentine’s Day in 2014.