New Artist Spotlight: The Company “Love to Hate”

The Company Life in the Mirror

Having previously worked as part of three piece The G.a.n.g., vocalist Kochay and composer Shamek V Farrah are set for their first release as a duo, soul track ‘Love To Hate’ – due May 9th on Licata Records.

The Marvin Gaye inspired single sees the pair at their smooth best, putting a modern twist on the classic sound of some of the Motown greats.

Their first foray as a pair, their music proudly holds roots in their respective Nigerian and West Indian backgrounds, while blending with classic soulful sounds. And with full album ‘Life in the Mirror’ due in late July, this isn’t the last we’ll hear of the duo in 2014.

The Company have already proven themselves worthy of the spotlight, having supported Florence & the Machine, playing at the 2010 Leeds and Reading Festival’s BBC Introducing stage and the Hull Freedom Festival under their previous guise as The G.a.n.g..

Now, with ‘Love To Hate’ imminent and the album on the horizon, The Company are looking to eclipse their previous achievements and begin a new journey to similar – and better – success.

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