New Artist Spotlight: J Harmony “For You”

J Harmony For You


The 20 year old Chicago Native goes by the name of J Harmony. “The Comforter” as he likes to go by realizes that each song created has a purpose. Understanding the power and influence music has on society is very key to J Harmony’s music. “There’s a song to party to, a song to sleep to, a song to get high to, there’s a song for every occasion.” He believes in creating music unlike any other artist with a dash of commercial flow. The main goal for this multi-genre crooner is to put out great music that his fans and people can relate to.The music he makes is best known for implementing his catchy hooks and deep mind blowing lyrics. Emotional, High-Energy and Personal are the 3 elements that create J Harmony. Sometimes less is more, expected more of a longer bio, the rest of it is in the music take a listen…

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