New Artist Spotlight: Storm Marrero “On the Line”

Storm Marrero Black Gypsy

Full Bio

Storm is a singer/songwriter of motion—born in Brooklyn, moved to Puerto Rico, stayed for 16 years, and now lives in the Bronx brewing lyrics and melodies with a voice that matches the name. Her unique vocals are the product of study of soprano and tenor singers alike. Storm has had the opportunity to sing for and honor American Idol winner/R&B phenom Fantasia as well as having a continuing spot performing at the trendy burlesque restaurant Duane Park, the same stage where Lady Gaga has performed. Storm and producer Luis Burgos are partners in writing, while Hip Hop’s The Mighty Welfare Poets, Digg Deep, and the Afro-punk diva Alkebulan Aya are all blessed with her pipes. Storm has worked on Off-Broadway productions with the late Titus Walker, the Ujamma Black Theater, and completed a six-month residency at East Harlem’s Camarades el Barrio, She’s dedicated to bringing back the classic vibes of R&B grooves with her unique brand of Storm-iness. It has to be heard to be understood.