New Music: Avery Storm “It’s Not Over”

Here is another song leaked by Avery from his upcoming mixtape produced by the Heatmakerz. Dope, it has a real classic vibe to it and the beat is reminiscent of something we would expect from classic r&b. Nice job Avery, and we’re looking forward to this mixtape coming out February 23rd.

One comment

  • Dj Mistri says:

    Not a bad track at all here. You where right about the comments you made in regards to it sounding very "Retro" soul even though it has modern beats attached to this single in question. I just hope that the rest of the newly coming Mixtape is off the same quality. I'm sure it is going to be. We'll just have to wait and see don't we.

    Dj Mistri
    Ipswich Town