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New Music: Nathaniel Notes “What Kind of Man”


Nathaniel was born & raised in the Bay area California. He grew up listening to great R&B groups like Boyz II Men, Jagged Edge, 112 & even older classic R&B groups like the Temptations & the Four Tops. He is also heavily influenced by artists like Donell Jones, Avant, Usher, & R Kelly. He grew up dreaming of being a singer, but as the middle child of three brothers, he was shy & hid his deep passion for music & R&B. He learned how to play the piano at a young age & even the trumpet, but gave both up for sports. It wasn’t until College when he sang for the first time, earning a spot in a new R&B/Soul A-Capella group. It was In this group that he learned how to harmonize & create melodies from his heart. Soon after he began writing his own music; turning his thoughts into songs.

“My goal is to make music with substance, music that people can feel. I believe that songs can beautifully portray the emotions that people feel on a day to day basis…love, anger, happiness, guilt, lust etc. I write music to express & portray different feelings, in hopes that it will touch someone out there going through the same thing.” – Nathaniel

Nathaniel is currently in the process of recording his debut album “Emotions” & working on his mixtape. “What Kind of Man” is the first track off his album, a song he recorded with his good friend & talented producer/artist Tony Sway. “What Kind of Man” gives you a glimpse into the type of music that will be featured on “Emotions” (scheduled for release in the summertime of 2011).

“I appreciate all the love people have been showing me thus far. It really means a lot to me to know that my music is touching people out there. I’ve dreamed of doing this for a long time & to see that dream starting to come true is an amazing feeling.”



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