Rare Gem: Jon B. “Pick Me Up”

Jon B. BB Kings Jan 2015-1

I gotta give a shoutout to “giftandcurse” who hooked me up with this song. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed until he commented on another of my Jon B. posts and gave me the info on it. A copy of his comments are below. Apparently this is from the “Alone and Lonely” soundtrack which I cannot find ANYTHING about on the internet!

If I remember correctly (according to Jon B. Palace fansite…which is no longer running), this song is off the “Alone & Lonely” soundtrack (2004). Supposedly the soundtrack also features another song from him called ‘Pick Me Up’ and also Jack Herrera’s ‘Up Above’. However, when I looked up “Alone & Lonely” on imdb.com, it seems there is no movie by that name. Also, at the start of ‘Pick Me Up’ the DJ states “got brand-new Jon B. cut off the (sounds like he says) “Alone & Lonely” soundtrack this is ‘Pick Me Up’..).

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