Rob Scott “Plan B” (Video)

Singer-songwriter Rob Scott releases his new music video entitled “Plan B”. Rob Scott, alongside director Rudy Mancuso and Outbreak productions artistically expresses the agony the singer experienced following the abortion of his first child.

Shot in various locations in New Jersey, the Plan B video comprises a melancholy, black and white theme depicting grief stricken Rob Scott’s connection to a baby carriage.

“Plan B is me at my most vulnerable state, Scott utters, some are afraid to step in that place but for me that is where I live, that is where I thrive.”

The hauntingly eerie Grand Staff produced record encompasses sorrowful violin strings complemented by Scott’s smooth vocals. Driven by riveting lyrics that sing, “Now its f**cking killing me cause I got to kill a kid in you “, the classical ambiance of the violin is a representation of loss, the loss of his child and the loss of his lover.

Plan B is just the beginning of the escapade that Rob Scott plans to walk his audience through. Scott will be releasing a series of songs and videos reintroducing his eclectic style early 2014. He is set to release an album later that year.