Upcoming Artist Spotlight: Eddie Writer “Tonight, Today, Forever”

Eddie Writer Tonight, Today, Forever


Eddie Writer is your friendly Singer/Songwriter. Writing songs from the age of 12. Eddie Writer had this gift of entertaining at a young age dance from 10 writing at 12 and singing at 13. Eddie Writer looks up to the 3 most talented Artist Songwriter & more in the industry. Ne-Yo Kanye West & The-Dream. Eddie says ” Looking at they style is crazy and putting a little of them in me and sprinkle that Eddie Writer powder on top makes me that crazy songwriter and singer you know”. Eddie feels as if the Bronx has hidden for to long its time for fresh new hit makers to come out & show the world. With his sick melodies and hit new style of writing Eddie has a special place waiting for him& that’s most likely the top. His first solo EP titled Eddie Writer Presents: Glow In The Dark drops at the end of the year.