Upcoming Artist Spotlight: Krys Wright “Too Late”

“I grew up in a musical household, so I was inevitably influenced by my upbringing…”

Something in that ballpark would usually be the sentiments by a singer/songwriter as talented as Krys Wright. However, the reality of Wright’s beginnings is far from typical. Born in Heidelberg, Germany to an African-American father and a Korean mother, Wright spent much of her childhood trying to make sense of her identity as a bi-racial army brat who was often surrounded by kids that looked nothing like her. And although she was blessed to have two parents who loved her and nourished her character, she was never raised in an artistically-enriched environment. However music found its way and truly touched her heart.

While living in Sierra Vista, AZ, a seed was planted wherein her passion began transitioning into an endeavor at 12 years of age, when Wright’s choir teacher discovered that she truly has a knack for singing and suggested that her parents continue to encourage this practice as a world of potential lied ahead for the young talent. Despite her family’s continued nomadic lifestyle, Wright’s potential was regularly noticed as she moved from school to school, and her music teachers continued to invest themselves in her development.

After blowing away the audience at her high school graduation in Busan, S. Korea with a special song performance, Wright had her sites set on returning to The States with plans of continuing her education and staking her claim in the music industry. It was in her college years where Wright really began to develop a mature appreciation for music, and seeking inspiration from the greats. She spent endless hours passionately studying those whom she deemed best in their respective craft, whether it was flawless vocal execution by Kim Burrell, Beyonce’s showmanship, Stevie Wonder’s timeless musicality, pure soulfulness from Sam Cook to Musiq Soulchild, Jill Scott’s poetic sultriness and the list continues. With all that under her belt, Wright began to hone her craft as a Pop/Soul songstress.

After a brief stint studying at Arizona State University, Wright knew that manifesting her dreams would require a more suitable environment and decided Los Angeles will be her playground. Wright continues to leave a lasting impression in L.A.’s competitive market by regularly performing at noteworthy venues like House of Blues, Key Club, and The Roxy Theater to name a few. However her brand reaches far beyond the city limits, as she has also partook in tour dates around Europe, Asia and The Middle East. Most recently, Wright completed her studies getting her bachelor’s degree in Music Industry Studies.

Now with a formal education, a growing fan base, and her go-to influences who continue to inspire, Krystle Wright has all her ducks in a row and is ready to share her story, her perspective on love and her talents as a singer and songwriter. Ladies and Gentlemen, Krys Wright….


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