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Month: June 2010

Editor Pick: Cheri Dennis "Showdown"

[audio:] After paying her dues for nearly a decade on the Bad Boy roster, Cheri Dennis finally got to release her debut album “In and Out of Love” a few years back. Even though I didn’t have high expectations going…

Editor Pick: Tweet “Cab Ride”

[audio:] If you are anything like me, then you get so into music that songs become tied up in memories and forever stick with you every time you hear them. In fact, it’s an amazing thing and so powerful when…

Editor Pick: Tweet "Smoking Cigarettes"

[audio:] One of the best songs from Tweet’s highly underrated debut album “Southern Hummingbird” in 2001. This is a personal favorite of my dude Buddha, big shout out to him!

New Joint: Robin Thicke “My Life” (Produced by Pharrell)

[audio:] Man I really enjoy it when Robin actually sings without the falsetto, just like he’s doing here! This song is hot, and I have no idea where it’s from. I could be mistaken, but I think he also busts…

New Joint: G-Martin "You"

[audio:] I hope you didn’t shy away from listening to this song just because you’ve never heard of the singer, but he definitely has soul!! In fact, I’m really loving song right now; another big shout out to a reader…

Classic Vibes

Classic Vibe: Prophet Jones "Lifetime" (2001) I haven’t heard much of this group since I saw this video back in the day, I guess they never blew up. I liked this song, and there was a couple of other joints on that album I was…

Editor Pick: Prophet Jones "You Can’t"

[audio:] This is by far my favorite song from Prophet Jones’ self titled debut (and only) album.

New Joint: John Legend "Our Generation" (Produced by The Roots)

[audio:] If you’ve been wondering the reason behind all of the recent frequent collaborations between John Legend and the Roots, it’s because they are producing his upcoming album “Wake Up Sessions.” If you’ve been under a rock, The Roots are…

Classic Vibe: Ideal "Creep Inn" (2000)

Of course, samples the Michael Jackson classic “This Place Hotel.”