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  1. Great website guys. Nice to come across like-minded people who appreciate that a lot of great music has never been released simply on the whim of a record company employee. I’d like to contribute some of my own collection to your rare section. Thanks

  2. Hi Tom,

    I just red Some of your articles really interesting especially Those on producers. Indeed, i’ve a huge passion for Soul and URBAN music since many years. I was writer specialized in R&B for the main french Hip-hop monthly magazines for 10 years (95′-06′) and i got the chance like u do now, to interview and meet artists and Producers who make it happened !
    I’m also a cd collector mostly 90’s (New Jack Swing since 87′ and R&B), i collect albums of course but also promo cd single, remixes….and rare items and unreleased stuff :-)))

    Hope we’ll chat soon…i’m sure WE have many things to discuss regarding the industry.

    Great job Man.

    Swingly yours,

  3. I just wanted to commend you on a well put together, informative site. This is truly a R & B lovers dream site. You cover the whole spectrum of R & B. Since I discovered, it has become part of my daily internet ritual. Please keep up the good work, because you know I got soul too.


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