Beyonce Run the World (Girls)

Beyonce “Run The World (Girls)” (Video) + New Album Cover

Here is the video to the first single off Beyonce’s new album titled 4. The single has received mixed reactions from fans, but does the video change your mind about the track?

And here is the cover for her new album which should be out sometime this year:


  • Mabs says:

    Typical Beyonce song. Typical Beyonce video. Overall, it’s just meh. However, I’m very intrigued by Beyonce’s new direction. If her interview with the Express is any indication of her new found musical identity, she seems to be trying to be…shock..wait for it…avant garde (Avant Garde for Beyonce which is still more than enough)? Maybe she’s taking some cues from her baby sister and not giving a…what? Or maybe there’s some complexity and depth behind that pretty face? Either way, it appears that Beyonce has turned a new leaf. Let’s hope it’s not old one painted green.

  • obamarocks says:

    Everybody go to Youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Its Hot!!! Even her fans love it